Software developer, designer & social entrepreneur
the Koalacoder portfolio — a mix of tech, creativity and social justice
After obtaining a programmer diploma and a front end certificate, today I code in Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. I'm currently deepening my skills and self-learning at — See my current projects on github.
Art & Design
Since I was a child I performed well in creative tasks. I mainly take photos and I make photo-edits, posters and logos by using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Gimp and InkScape.
NGOs & international development
In the last 10-years I have gathered experiences at NGOs that promote human rights and sustainable development — see my CV. I also obtained a BSc in International Studies and a MSc in International Development.
About me
I am passionate about three things:
1) Efficiency. Inefficiency around me made me desire to be a programmer & web-developer.
2) Justice. Social unjustice gets under my skin since I was 15, and it drives me to be an active and involved good citizen.
3) Creativity. Through art I reach countless amount of satisfaction and inner peace.
: [email protected] : labarluzzi
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